Faculty of Science

Eskişehir Technical University Faculty of Science has adopted the vision of being a pioneer that generates knowledge that will be the key to scientific innovations and provides education to society by using all kinds of media. In addition to natural sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, the Faculty of Science covers education in the fields of Mathematics, which is the language of nature, and Statistics, which is the science of interpreting natural social science data using appropriate methods. Education in the faculty is carried out by making use of laboratory facilities equipped with advanced technology. Students also take vocational elective courses and social elective courses; thus, they are trained as individuals who are versatile, researcher qualified, self-confident, and equipped with contemporary knowledge. The aim of the Faculty of Science is to train rational, self-confident, questioning, and researcher graduates in laboratories and classrooms equipped with advanced technology, and in the fields of biology, physics, statistics, chemistry, and mathematics. At least 30% of the courses taught in the Departments of Statistics and Chemistry of the Faculty is in English, and English Preparatory Class is compulsory in these departments. In the Departments of Biology, Physics, and Mathematics, the English Preparatory Class is optional and lasts for one year. All departments of the faculty have been accredited by FEDEK (Science-literature, Language, and History-Geography Faculties Curricula Evaluation and Accreditation Association) for the second time for 5 years until September 30, 2023. The Faculty also has International Joint Undergraduate Degree Programmes (with a fee) run by the Biology and Chemistry Departments of our university in conjunction with Biology and Chemistry Departments of the State University of New York at Albany in the United States, and the medium of these programs is English. There is an English Preparatory Class for these programs as well. Faculty of Science has been affiliated with Eskişehir Technical University, which was established with Law No. 7141 published in the Official Gazette dated May 18, 2018, and issued 30425.

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