Faculty of Architecture and Design

Faculty of Architecture and Design was separated from Anadolu University and affiliated with Eskişehir Technical University, which was established with the Decree-Law No. 7141 published in the Official Gazette dated May 18, 2018 and issued 30525.  In the Faculty of Architecture and Design, there are Departments of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture,  Industrial Design, and Fashion and Textile Design.


The goal of the Faculty of Architecture and Design is to train individuals who have foresight and universal values, in addition to individuals who think analytically, prioritise people and society, consider sustainability while designing creative and innovative products and spaces, have advanced aesthetic taste, utilise computer and information technologies in design processes, have professional responsibilities and self-confidence.  The faculty has a competent academic staff in order to maintain a modern education life and technological infrastructure for the students to develop their technical knowledge and skills throughout the education period.


Our faculty, which has a practice-oriented educational approach, has computer laboratories, workshops and design studios with up-to-date software applications. Our faculty aims to train individuals who can develop professional relationships, and are open to interdisciplinary practice, and design by reinforcing creativity with knowledge, current technologies and aesthetic understanding. In the education and training process, theoretical courses, workshops, exhibitions, fashion shows, seminars, conferences, research studies, and study tours are considered as a whole in terms of education. Numerous research and development projects are carried out in our departments with the support of TUBITAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), University Scientific Research Fund, and various industrial organizations. Within the framework of University-Industry Collaboration, students do joint projects with private companies and are encouraged to participate in national/international competitions arranged by various organizations. Bu doğrultuda çok sayıda öğrenci, ulusal/uluslararası düzeyde yarışma kazanmıştır.


Our faculty has agreements with many universities within the scope of ERASMUS, MEVLANA and FARABI programs and these opportunities are used extensively by our students. There is an optional English Preparatory Program in the departments of the faculty, and students are given the opportunity to learn a foreign language.


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