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“With the vision of "Being a pioneer of change and transformation by creating value", we contribute to the academic, personal, cultural, and social development of students and support them to enter their work lives as qualified individuals who can get positions in global organizations as proud and honored members of Eskişehir Technical University.

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Research and Graduate Processes Directorate (ALSD), in line with the mission, vision, core values, and policies of Eskişehir Technical University, ensures the development of skills and competencies in the field of research, in terms of quantity and quality, which will enable the University to rank at the top in national and international circles. It was established in order to support students in obtaining research and technology results and training qualified researchers and is responsible for the management of the research ecosystem at our university.

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The opening of Eskişehir Hasan Polatkan Airport to traffic dates back to the establishment of the Civil Aviation Vocational School (SHMYO), which forms the foundations of Eskişehir Technical University Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Sciences, in 1986. Opened to traffic under the name of "Eskişehir Anadolu Airport" in 1989, the main mission of the airport was to carry out the training activities of the Pilotage and Air Traffic Control Departments of SHMYO, thus providing air transportation services to the people of the region since those years has also become possible. Today, in addition to the intensive training flight activities at the airport, international flights are made to six destinations in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and France (Brussels, Ostent/Brugge, Lyon, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Cologne).

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Activities of Sustainable Eco-Campus

Climate change, which has emerged as a result of environmental pollution, has become a threat to the whole world today. At Eskişehir Technical University in 2022, in order to contribute to the achievement of the "Net Zero Emission and Green Development" goal set by our country, to carry out training and research activities in order to prevent disasters due to climate change, to go beyond the planning stage and to implement measures focused on results, impact, and output. 2022 has been declared the “Year of Adaptation to Climate Change”.


About Us

Established with the Law No. 7141 published in the Official Gazette dated May 18, 2018 and issued 30425, Eskişehir Technical University consists of 5 Faculties, 2 Vocational Schools and 3 Institutions and 4 Research and Application Centers in 2 campuses located in the center of Eskişehir, which is a city of science, culture and youth. Eskişehir Technical University works to prepare its students for the future as the most equipped and competitive individuals in creative and dynamic educational environments, thanks to its competent teaching staff in all its units with strong infrastructure, where education and research activities are carried out. The operation of the international Hasan Polatkan Airport, located in the 2 Eylül Campus of our university, is carried out by our Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Sciences. There are international flights to Hasan Polatkan Airport operated via different airline companies on various days of the week.